Mymanu CLIK +

Do I need to connect Mymanu CLIK+ to a computer in order to update it?

Mymanu CLIK+ is updated over the air, so all you need to do is connect to the Mymanu Play App.

The Play App will notify you when an update is ready for download.

Do I need to buy two sets?

Only one set of Mymanu Clik is required. The other party can use our free translation App, Mymanu Translate.

Can I use Mymanu Clik for a phone call and get it translated?

Equipped with 4 microphones, Mymanu Clik can be used for normal calls with any smartphones. For translation, both parties need to use the Mymanu Translation app which enables the translation of conversation.

Can I use it to watch TV or foreign movies?

Not at the moment. We hope to add this feature in future versions.

What can I control with Mymanu Clik +

Each earbud controls different functionalities – volume, songs, listening to text, answering calls, translation, voice control and many more.

Can I upload the language on to the earbuds?

The current version lets you use all the languages via the Mymanu Translate App and translation is done through Wifi or phone signal (whichever your phone is connected to). The next version of Mymanu Clik will let you download a language pack onto the earbuds

How many languages does it support?

The current version supports 27 languages, more languages are being added and 37 will be available by the end of January.

Where do I find manual instruction for Mymanu CLIK +

Mymanu CLIK + manual can be found here: